African Fellowship

African Ministries
Welcome, Brothers and Sisters in Christ – no matter how far your journey has brought you, the welcome here is warm and loving. You can find friendship, familiar faces, new connections, and a broad network of support.

Worship and Fellowship
The Fellowship gathers for worship, friendship and food once a month and also worships with the whole congregation weekly. Children and youth are welcome in worship, Sunday School and at youth fellowship.

After a year of meeting for African Fellowship worship services, the African community brought a morning of worship and feasting to the whole congregation – and everyone loved it!

How the African Fellowship Came To Be
In 1986, a small community of Africans, from Sierra Leone and Liberia, began to find a home within the Campbell UMC congregation. As the African community has grown, the congregation wished to recognize and reflect the African way of worship. So, in 2005 the church formed the African Fellowship Committee to offer prayer meetings and fellowship for the greater African community.

“Our number is growing, with the potential of establishing wider connections and making Campbell United Methodist Church the nerve center of the African community for baptism, marriage ceremonies, funeral and memorial services, and other significant community functions.” – Joe S. Kappia

Connections Within the Congregation
Several members of the African Fellowship now represent the community in important ways within the larger congregation such as on the Administrative Council (the decision-making body of the church), the Visioning Team, and as Youth Group advisor.

Rev. Daniel Gbundema, Associate Pastor for African Ministries