Sundays for Adults

Adult Sunday School (Adult Education)

The Adult Sunday School class meets at 8:50am Sunday mornings.  The meeting format is a video presentation followed by discussion.  The class concludes in time for the 10am worship service.  Drop-ins are welcome.

The Adult Sunday School class began a study of Genesis starting in September in the Fireside Room.  We are using Bill Moyers’ Genesis: A Living Conversation, a series of conversations originally shown on PBS some years ago.
A short overview:
“The stories in the book of Genesis – creation, humanity’s fall, the flood,2016_Sept-Nov_AdultSundaySchool_GenesisMoyers Abraham and Isaac, Joseph in Egypt, and more – have intrigued and inspired Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike for millennia.  Join journalist Bill Moyers as he leads some of the most passionate and thoughful Bible discussions ever conducted.  In these lively small-group conversations, dozens of accomplished people from all walks of life and many faith traditions bring their unique perspectives to ten well-known biblical stories.  They share personal insights, challenge ideas, and ultimately learn from each other.  At the center of each discussion lies the Genesis story itself – by turns elusive, uplifting, shocking, tragic, and poignant, but always endlessly fascinating.”
This is a drop-in class with little homework.  Of course, some Bible reading may be in order for this class! We anticipate this course to be thought-provoking and lead to interesting discussions.  Each session is usually 20-30 minutes which allows for discussion time before adjourning for worship at 10am.

Session 1 of this series began on Sunday September 11th and continues through Jan/Feb 2017.
Please join us at 8:50am Sunday mornings in the Fireside Room.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea.
The video starts at 9am.
Contact Sandy with any questions:

All adults are welcome.


Sunday Afternoon Bible Study


Pastor Kathi leads Bible Study in 6-week sessions.
This is a come-when-you-can, no homework Bible Study.

As of Sunday, January 22nd, 2017, Afternoon Bible Study is suspended.
This is a great time to join Adult Sunday School, which is watching and discussing Bill Moyers’ Genesis: A Living Conversation, a series of conversations originally shown on PBS some years ago.  See above (Adult Sunday School) for more information about the series.
Join in!




African Fellowship & Bible Study    DSCF0191_800x720

Whether you are from Africa or not, you are welcome to come to African Bible Study, which meets twice a month in the Chapel.
For more information, contact Pastor Daniel: