Baptism is one of the two sacraments recognized by the United Methodist Church. It signals the start of a new life, intentionally grounded in the community of Christians—Jesus followers—all over the world. Baptism in any denomination is recognized and honored as baptism into this community.

At Campbell United Methodist Church, we baptize persons of any age. For infants and children who are not old enough to understand the meaning of the ritual, parents make a statement of their faith and intention to raise their child in Christian community. The entire congregation makes a reciprocal vow to support the entire family in their spiritual life.

At middle school age, children are invited to take a Confirmation course in which they are offered the opportunity to confirm for themselves the vows made for them at baptism.

Because baptism is a sacrament of welcome and community, baptisms are always done during Sunday worship services. In the United Methodist Church, we usually baptize with the pastor’s hand dipped in a font of water and then placed upon the initiate’s head.

To schedule a baptism or baptismal appointment with one of our pastors, please call the church office at 408-378-3472.