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Vision Statement – Mission and Service Work at Campbell UMC

We are human.

We are Christians—followers of Jesus.

We are United Methodists.

We are members of Campbell United Methodist Church.

In every one of these roles, we are compelled to love one another, to be in service to others. We are called not only to do this work, but to be a witness—a community that points not at our own virtue, but toward God’s faithfulness to all people, everywhere, and to God’s particular calling to this community of faith.

Our hope is that there will be a distinctiveness about the way we engage in acts of service, generosity, kindness and justice as members of Campbell UMC. Seeking justice and inclusion for all of creation, listening for God’s particular call to us at this time, all of our service and giving projects will be designed, organized and implemented around these practices and values:

  1. Giving and serving are spiritual practices. Their purpose is to build and deepen relationships that transform both the giver and the receiver.
  2. We are open and ready to be stretched—to give of ourselves beyond the limits of our comfort, convenience and fear.
  3. We treasure and seek opportunities to serve inter-generationally, including the youngest and the oldest among us in service that gives meaning to our lives.
  4. We will be invitational about opportunities for hands-on engagement, including members and non-members of CUMC, recognizing that wellness for all people includes purposeful work.

We will practice a rhythm of action and reflection, allowing intentional space in community for reflecting on the ways God is moving in and through our work.

Come join in worship on Sundays at 10am, and meet us during Fellowship Time after worship!