Locally Produced Video and Audio events

This church is blessed to have a crew of talented people that record many of our events. Here are some examples:


The Chans are missionaries in Cambodia that Campbell United is proud to provide support.

The Elmwood Jail Ministry presented an art show of the inmates art.

Music Videos

Inspiring Stories

Here you'll find some the stories that have inspired this church.

Sunday Sermon Audio:

  • 10/12/2014"What Does It Mean To Be Blessed?" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 10/05/2014“God's Work: Toppling the Towers That Separate Us" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 09/28/2014“On the Road: Getting Lost, Being Found" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 09/21/2014“Looking For God: Finding Patterns of Meaning" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 09/14/2014“We are a Wilderness, Wandering People" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 09/07/2014“Alive in the Story of Creation" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 08/31/2014“Salvation By Surprise" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 08/24/2014“Pass It On" — CUMC Youth- SSP
  • 08/17/2014“We Know In Part" — Rev. Richard Corson
  • 08/10/2014“A Word for This Moment" — Sally Wenzel
  • 08/03/2014“Presence- The Power of Enduring Relationships...A Love That Endures" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 07/20/2014“Life is Like a Wedding Banquet" — Rev. Kathi McShane
  • 07/13/2014“A Lot of Seeds" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 07/06/2014“Dance!" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 06/29/2014“Naming the Presence" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 06/22/2014“Flight Training" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 06/15/2014“As Much As Possible, Be At Peace With Everyone" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 06/08/2014“Pentacost Message" — Rev. Richard Corson
  • 06/01/2014“A Better Question" — Rev. Sun Hee Kim
  • 5/25/2014“How Is It With Your Soul?" — Rev. Debbie Weatherspoon
  • 5/18/2014“Building on What We Have Been Given" — Rev. Kristie Olah
  • 5/11/2014“So Strangely Warm" — Rev. Rev. Dave Wolf
  • 4/20/2014“And Easter Came" — Rev. Richard Corson
  • 4/13/2014“Easter Will Come" — Rev. Richard Corson
  • 4/6/2014“Your Cheering Section" — Rev. Sun Hea Kim
  • 3/30/2014“You're a Child of God" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 3/23/2014“Collecting Your Religious Chips" — Rev. Jerry Fox
  • 3/16/2014“Ah Good! The Kids Are Here!" — Rev. Johathan Tarman
  • 3/9/2014“For the Beauty of the Earth" — Rev. Don Baldwin
  • 2/23/2014“The Wise Builders" — Rev. Brenda Vaca
  • 2/16/2014“Learning the Law and Growing in Grace" — Rev. Larry LaPierre
  • 2/9/2014“Jesus Wept..., Too" — Rev. Dave Wolf
  • 2/2/2014“Silence, the Language of Prayer" — Rev. Paul Kim
  • 1/19/2014“Feed Your Soul" — Rev. Paul Kim
  • 1/12/2014“Feel Your Soul" — Rev. Paul Kim
  • 1/5/2014“Are You Following the Star" — Rev. Paul Kim