Mid-week Message For July 15 – 21

I went to Mississippi on a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission trip in 2005, just after Hurricane Katrina. It was an amazing experience, to see people’s entire households—clothes, kitchen utensils, even refrigerators and cars—hanging from trees or plastered to walls, flung there by wind and waves. We spent a week stripping waterlogged and mildewed sheetrock away from the inside of houses so that people could begin the long, hard process of rebuilding.

Ever since that trip, I’ve had a poster hanging in my office with a poem called “Promise” by Brian Andreas:

The water washed
away everything
but the chance
to begin again

So we came
from cities and towns,
from long golden fields

& we stood side by side
until we made a bridge
to dry land,

Back to a place
we have promised to hold safe
for each other’s children,

Back to a place
called America

I looked at that poem again today, California announced new ways of enforcing its encouragement to us to save water. This time, for us, it’s not water that threatens to wash everything away; it’s a drought that might wither plants and trees and even people. The bridge we must build together is not over the water; it’s over the dryness, stretching from one year of full rainfall to the next one, whenever it comes.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by something as big as a drought. And it’s true; the amount of water we use when we wash the dishes or take a shower is miniscule, compared to what is used for agriculture and big business. But what we do—every one of us—matters. This earth that we hold in our hands, the earth that its Creator has entrusted to us, is in trouble. We’re the ones who are here, the only ones who can do something to help. Let’s stand side by side, doing what we can, holding it safe, lovingly, for the sake of the God who has loved us so well, and for our children.

See you on Sunday—Kathi

p.s. Did I tell you already how excited I am to share my first Sunday with you?!